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Decadent Journey ~ Marie Antoinette the movie
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Decadent Journey ~ Marie Antoinette

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Welcome to Decadent Journey a community dedicated to the 2006 film, Marie Antoinette, directed by Sofia Coppola, and starring Kirsten Dunst.

This is a community for fans from all aspects of the film. Whether you're a huge Kirsten Dunst Fan, a huge Sofia Coppola fan or just a fan of the film or period; as long as you're a fan of the film or have some vague interest in it you're in the right place!

Please try and follow the rules of the community...

1. Please don't bring Drama! Don't be an asshole, respect other people's opinions and views. Discussion is good, but lets keep it clean people.
2. Stay on topic! We don't care about what your cat ate today or why you hate [name], we care about anything Marie Antoinette related, offtopic posts will magically disappear.
3. Advertising in this community is fine, as long as it's RELATED to Marie Antoinette in some way. Spamming will get you nowhere.
4. Please, for the love of God D0nT TyPe L1K DiS!11! H4x0rspeak posts will also disappear, magically.

Only members of this community can post, so you have to Join if you want to post anything related. Post as much as possible, lets keep the community active and alive. As far as the rules on posting go...

What you can post
Anything that's related to Marie Antoinette! Pictures, History, Caps, Fanart, Icons, Layouts, Fanfiction, Articles, Interviews, Clips etc... Just keep it on topic.

When posting images bigger than 500x500, lots of icons or layouts, or long passages of text, please, put them under a cut, if you don't know how to, learn how to here.

I'm looking for a couple more moderators to help me get the community up and running. Comment in my personal journal if you're interested =)

Looking for more information/pictures etc...?
Profile on the Internet Movie DataBase
About.com and further links
Coming Soon film database
Official Site and Trailer
Kirsten Dunst.org
Official French Site <-- Most up to date!

Any questions should bedirected to my personal journal ~ doodledolly.

Promotion is Good! If you know someone who might like to join, just copy the code below and paste it wherever you want..


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